The Intro Talk is a free one hour lecture and question/answer session designed for anyone interested in learning more about Vedic Meditation, a simple, effortless, and highly beneficial practice that absolutely anyone can learn. The Intro Talk will address:

  • The technique’s origins
  • Overview of the mechanics of the practice
  • How Vedic Meditation differs from other forms of relaxation and meditation
  • What science says about the practice
  • Benefits (including reduction of stress and an increase in energy and peace of mind)
  • How to learn and integrate this technique into your daily life

No prior experience or knowledge of meditation is necessary. This is an opportunity to meet Ben and and have your questions answered. There is no commitment to join the course. 

Click here for the Intro Talk calendar. If you would like to host an Intro Talk at your home or office, please email 



The meditation course itself is offered over four sessions, approximately two hours for each session. At the end of these four sessions you will have learned all of the tools and information you will need to make Vedic Meditation a regular and powerful part of your daily life. Students must attend all four sessions to complete the course, as a sequential amount of knowledge is offered each day.

In the first session you will learn the basic mechanics of how to meditate. By the end of the session you know the fundamentals of the technique and are able to practice on your own at home. The benefits of meditation are gained immediately.

Over the following three sessions, the technique is checked, refined, and knowledge is gained of the effects of meditation on your mind and body, and the development of higher states of consciousness. At the end of the course you will have practical experience combined with theoretical understanding that allows you to be self-sufficient in your practice.

To ensure the best learning experience and highest quality instruction, space on each course is limited. 

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The one-time Course Fee contribution entitles you to a lifetime of follow-up and support to ensure you have the greatest success with your practice. This includes all refresher sessions (i.e, auditing a group course when offered), attending group meditations, scheduling office hours appointments (in person or remotely) and continued access to Ben at no additional cost.



Each student will be asked at the commencement of the course to make a financial contribution in exchange for their instruction. This type of equitable exchange is a practice dating back thousands of years from India (GURU DAKSHINA) and is an effort on our part to maintain the purity and consistency of the teaching tradition. The Course Fee is tiered and may be offset by contributing service to a volunteer organization. This ensures that everyone has access to the same high-quality meditation instruction. It also ensures that all students approach this course with the same level of personal commitment and value the teaching equally. This system sets up a powerful and reciprocal relationship between teacher and student—something of great value is offered in exchange for something of great value. 

Our goal is to make this knowledge accessible to everyone regardless of financial status. The Course Fee ranges is dependant on age, employment and location. Monthly payment plans are available. Children ages 4-11 learn for free, although they require a parent or guardian who is an existing Vedic Meditator.

For more information, please see the Course Fee Guidelines on the Course Registration Form for the course you would like to attend. 

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Volunteer Service contribution 

A student may contribute volunteer hours to a service organization to cover all or part of their Course Fee.

40 hours of service = full applicable Course Fee covered
20 hours of service = half applicable Course Fee covered
10 hours of service = quarter applicable Course Fee covered
Please email info@benturshenmeditation for more information about contributing service. 


A limited number of need-based full or partial scholarships are available for those unable to pay the course fee or volunteer service. Please email info@benturshenmeditation to inquire. 



Private Courses for individuals or small groups are available, please click here for details. 

Corporate courses are also available for businesses of all sizes. Please click here for details.