Are You A Game Day Performer?

By Ben Turshen

Our ability to perform at our potential is proportional to our stress levels. Stress is not a given situation or demand, but rather our reaction to a given situation or demand. It's how we respond.

Growing up, I came to understand this all too well. Whether on the playing field or in the classroom, I found myself sabotaged by stress. As an athlete, you could label me a "practice player." I had the skills and the ability to perform, but when the game was on the line, my anxiety would get the best of me and I would "choke" under pressure. I would let my coaches and teammates down. This was apparent in my schoolwork as well. I would go into a test fully prepared, but get so nervous that I would not be able to recall the material I had memorized or apply the knowledge I had acquired. These experiences did a number on my self confidence and left me feeling miserable.

Through the practice of Vedic Meditation we can efficiently and effectively reduce our stress levels. The result is that our ability to perform at our potential is dramatically increased. This makes us feel really good about ourselves. It's a game changer.