Health Is Wealth

By Ben Turshen

"Health is wealth". This expression is not new, but its wisdom is timeless. The value of good health cannot be overstated, but it's something that's easily taken for granted until it's compromised.

Making a small investment in maintaining or improving our health can pay huge dividends.

Learning Vedic Meditation can make a profound positive impact in both your mental and physical health.

Vedic Meditation is effortless, enjoyable and can be learned by anyone (including those who think their minds are too busy/active to meditate).

When we practice Vedic Meditation, our mind settles down automatically and our body experiences rest much deeper than sleep. Practicing Vedic Meditation each day allows the body to unwind decades of accumulated stress. The same stress that ages the body rapidly, causes us to feel tired and rundown, and predisposes us to illness and disease. We're much better off without this stress weighing us down.