"I Can't Meditate"

By Ben Turshen

Unfortunately, some people believe that they "can’t meditate". To them, it seems like an impossible task. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Vedic Meditation is not a monastic practice. Meaning, it wasn’t designed for people whose spiritual path involves detaching from society. This technique was developed for “householders”—people like you and me, who are fully engaged in life. Multi-tasking people with hyperactive minds who lead busy, active lives with jobs, relationships, and families.

If you feel like your mind is too busy, or that your body is too fidgety to sit still, this is the perfect technique because you don’t have to "try" to stop thinking, "try" to sit still, or "try" to do anything. "Trying" to meditate excites the mind and leads to more thinking. Vedic Meditation effortlessly settles the mind and body in the most natural and immediate way.

The technique triggers a physiological effect in the brain and body, it requires absolutely no faith or belief system to work. The practice elicits a spontaneous and autonomic response—you don’t have to believe in it to derive its benefits. Even if you don’t believe in it, it still works.