Make Meditation Yours

By Ben Turshen

Vedic Meditation is a simple, effortless meditation technique that requires no focus, concentration or paying attention to thoughts or activity. Practicing Vedic Meditation does not require clearing the mind of thoughts or cessation of thinking. Without trying, your mind settles to its least excited state beyond thought. This makes it accessible and enjoyable.

The benefits of practicing Vedic Meditation are profound: Feel happier. Sleep better. Think clearer. Save time. Work smarter. Strengthen your relationships. Curb harmful behaviors. Be present and productive.

The training to learn Vedic Meditation is comprehensive. After you take the course (four two-hour sessions held on four consecutive days), you know how to meditate. The practice is yours. You will be able to meditate successfully every day, independently and self-sufficiently. That means you don’t need a teacher present or a special place to go; no apps, no headphones, no music or guided instruction. If your phone battery dies, you can still meditate. It all happens silently in your mind, which means it’s totally portable. All you need is a place to sit comfortably and close your eyes. You can meditate almost anywhere, even on an airplane or NYC subway. 

Once you learn, you are our student for life. That means you are eligible to continue to receive personal, individualized instruction and follow-up on a weekly basis forever, at no additional cost. This ensures that you enjoy the greatest success in your life by learning and practicing Vedic Meditation.