Put Your Mask on First

By Ben Turshen
Hi Friends,

It's a lesson we are reminded of every time we are a passenger on an airplane. During the pre-flight safety announcements, the flight attendants instruct us if we happen to experience a change in cabin pressure and the oxygen masks drop, we should first put on our own masks before assisting other passengers. 

For many of us, myself included, this instruction is counterintuitive. Our altruistic nature dictates that we help everyone else first, and only then we can help ourselves. This is the way we go about our lives, tending to everyone else's needs before our own--our partners, our children, our bosses and coworkers, our family and friends. Often, we are so exhausted from taking care of others that we don't get to everyone, including ourselves. 

Understand the meaning behind the flight attendants' instructions. When you are suffocating (i.e., when you are stressed, anxious, tense, and exhausted), you can only help so much. When you put your mask on first (i.e., when you meditate and feel calm, relaxed, grounded, and equanimous), you can give the very best of yourself. The people in your life deserve that, and so do you. 

Vedic Meditation is simple, easy, and enjoyable to practice. It removes stress from the body and brings you to a place of peace and clarity, where both you and the world can truly experience the best of what you have to offer. 

With Gratitude,