Spring Cleaning

By Ben Turshen

It seems that spring has finally arrived in New York. This particular change of seasons often inspires us to do some "spring cleaning". We go through our things and get rid of what we now find irrelevant and redundant. In the same way we accumulate stuff in our homes, we accumulate stress in our bodies. Vedic Meditation delivers our bodies into what the scientific literature describes as a wakeful hypometabolic state, a state of profound deep rest (exponentially deeper than what we can experience in sleep). The experience of this state removes accumulated stress from our physiology. Think of Vedic Meditation as "spring cleaning" for the mind and body, removing irrelevant and redundant structures (stress) at the cellular level. Maybe we go through our belongs once or twice a year in this fashion, maybe less than that. When you practice Vedic Meditation regularly you go through this process of purification every day.