Spring Cleaning Your Mind

By Ben Turshen

It's that time of year. Spring cleaning. Time to donate that third and fourth pair of gray New Balance sneakers. Time to dispose of all the expired medications taking up room in the cabinet above your bathroom sink. Time to go through your closet, your dresser, the bins underneath your bed and get rid of all the "stuff" that is now irrelevant and redundant.

What if you could declutter your mind like you declutter your home? When you practice Vedic Meditation that is exactly what happens.

Without focus or concentration, your awareness settles down to experience a unique state of restful alertness, an inner wakefulness beyond thought. The state of going beyond thought, or transcendence, that is provided by the Vedic Meditation technique allows a direct experience of your most essential self, of the “you” that lies beyond all your thoughts and stress and struggles.

The result of having this experience is more clarity and less "stuff" pulling you away from what is happening, right here, right now.