Stop Pretending

By Ben Turshen
Hi Friends, 

If someone inquires as to how you are, do you reflexively respond "Good" or "Great" when you don't actually feel that way? You're not alone. 

A few years ago, I had a wonderful woman on my course who told me that everyone thought she was happy because she was very talented in acting that way even when she wasn't feeling particularly happy at all. That changed quickly when she started practicing Vedic Meditation. She didn't have to pretend anymore. This is what she wrote to me shortly after taking the course:

"Yesterday was my 1 month anniversary of meditating 2x daily every day!!! I hope my contentment and happiness isn't driving everyone nuts! I try to tone it down. . . don't want to be obnoxiously upbeat, but that's how I feel!"

Vedic Meditation will help you actually feel the way you've been telling world how you (would like to) feel. 

With Gratitude,