The Gift of Inner Peace

By Ben Turshen

Hi Friends,

We all agree that there is a lot happening in the world right now. With so many transitions and so much to get done at year end - it's easy to feel overwhelmed. 

You need rest and at the same time, you need to be alert, productive and engaged.

When you practice Vedic Meditation, your awareness settles down automatically and spontaneously to experience a unique state of restful alertness, an inner wakefulness beyond thought. This allows you to transcend fear and uncertainty by providing stillness, stability and peace from within. Emerging from meditation, we feel better. Calm and relaxed, present and aware, peaceful and equanimous. 

The ability to have this experience whenever you like is one of life's greatest gifts. It changes the way we experience the world and the way the world experiences us. 

With Gratitude,