You Are What You Eat

By Ben Turshen
Hi Friends,

We have all heard the expression, "you are what you eat", relating to the foods we consume and their effect on our bodies. But this expression applies to all the experiences we consume. They become us. 

Our experience of our own life, our body, our consciousness, is directly impacted by what we choose to expose ourselves to on a daily basis. This includes the people we hang out with, the books we read, our social media feed, where we live, our jobs, our partners, the type of television we watch, how much and in what way we move our bodies, and of course, the foods we eat.

We have a choice. If we want to change the experience of our lives, we need to change the things we consume.

With Vedic Meditation, you learn a particular sound, called a mantra, that is selected specifically for you by a qualified teacher. The mantra has no meaning on the contemplative level, instead it is designed to take your mind to its most settled state beyond thought without any effort, focus or concentration—a state of supreme inner contentedness described as bliss. As your mind is settling into this bliss experience, your body is resting exponentially deeper than when you sleep at night and is getting a dose of its own "bliss chemistry". This all happens while sitting comfortably in a chair with your eyes closed for a few minutes a day. 

Consuming this experience through the regular practice of Vedic Meditation changes your physiology and experience of the world, bringing more bliss into your life. 

With Gratitude,