You Deserve the Best

By Ben Turshen

Dear Friends, 

I'm writing to you having recently returned from two weeks in Rishikesh, India, a incredibly beautiful holy city known as the birthplace of yoga. While there, I meditated in abandoned ashrams, explored ancient temples, swam in the Ganges River, met new friends and received supreme knowledge from my teacher. During my trip, I was reminded of these words that come from Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (who is also commonly referred to as Guru Dev), the great master from whom we have Vedic Meditation:
You deserve the best.
Never feel unworthy or
not justified in having the best.
I tell you this is your heritage;
but you have to accept it,
you have to expect it. 
You have to claim it.
To do so is not demanding too much.

The impact of this message is clear, but how do we get there? How do we have the experience the best in life? The technique of Vedic Meditation is simple, easy and enjoyable to practice. It removes stress from the body and brings you to a place of peace and clarity, where you can truly enjoy the best that life has to offer. 

Wishing you the very BEST. 

With Gratitude,