About Ben

A former attorney and fitness professional, Ben Turshen is an expert in performance enhancement and a qualified independent Master Teacher of Vedic Meditation.

Ben was born and raised in New York City. A lifelong athlete, Ben started working as personal trainer while attending Boston University Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, where he graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Athletic Training. Ben returned to New York City to continue his career in fitness, training elite-level athletes and obtaining a M.A. in Exercise Physiology/Human Movement from Columbia University Teachers College.

Ben went on to obtain his Juris Doctorate at St. John’s School of Law and began practicing corporate law at a prestigious New York law firm. During his tenure as an attorney, Ben learned Vedic Meditation. He was so inspired by impact of that Vedic Meditation had on his own life that he dedicated himself to become a teacher. 

“I found Vedic Meditation out of necessity and I could never imagine my life without it. This is why I want to pass on this ancient practice to you.

Even as a child, I was anxious, a poor sleeper, and prone to bouts of depression. I was successful in school, but had a hard time concentrating. Things changed when I entered law school. For the first time, I couldn’t keep up, I couldn’t manage. I saw my doctor and became medicated. Pills to sleep, pills to help me concentrate, pills to manage my anxiety and depression. The drugs helped, but I didn’t feel like myself anymore. After graduating from law school and taking the bar exam, I started practicing corporate law at a large New York City firm. The demands increased, and so did my anxiety. I didn’t want to live the rest of my life depending on prescription drugs to function.

I did some research and and decided to try Vedic Meditation. Even before the course was over, I knew my life had been changed by this technique. I was falling asleep within a few minutes of closing my eyes and sleeping soundly through the night for the first time I could ever remember. I was calm and relaxed, rested and energized. I was able to face any challenge with poise, presence, and clarity. Over time, the benefits continued unfold exponentially.”

About Ben