Learning Vedic Meditation one-on-one or with a small group of friends and family is a wonderful experience. 

A private course is planned around your schedule. Similar to the open public group courses, a private course consists of four two-hour sessions held over four consecutive days. The session may be held at your home or office or at our studio, whatever you prefer. Once you complete the four sessions you will be a self-sufficient independent meditator and will be able to successfully practice on your own going forward. 

The Course Fee for small private groups is scaled depending on the number of adult course participants:

1 student @ $3,000

2 students @ $2,500 each

3 students @ $2,000 each

4 students @ $1,500 each

5 students @ $1,200 each

6 or more students--public course rates apply (please see Course Fee Guidelines on the Course Registration Form here)

Children ages 11 to 18 may join a private course at an addition Course Fee of $500 per child. 

The Course Fee for a private course covers your initial instruction plus any additional follow-up and support you need to have the greatest success with the practice at no additional cost. This includes all refresher sessions (i.e, auditing a group course when offered), attending group meditations, scheduling one-on-one office hours appointments (in person or remotely) and unlimited email correspondence. Expenses for travel or lodging for courses held outside of New York City are not included in the Course Fee and will be covered by the course participant(s).  

If you are interested learning Vedic Meditation in a private course setting, please complete the form below. All personal information will be kept private and confidential.

When would you like to learn?

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