Please provide as much detail as possible so that we may assess your eligibility for the scholarship. Please note that this program is specifically meant for people who are severely economically constrained. We encourage everyone to apply but the scholarships are allocated on the basis of need. As such, this scholarship is not intended for people who are short on cash because they have opted to pursue high risk/high reward opportunities. Examples of people in high risk/high reward situations who would not be likely to be eligible are:

i) Someone who has taken an unpaid internship at an advertising agency in the hope of getting a better job.

ii) Someone who is putting all their effort into getting acting work in the film or television industry and is experiencing a long gap between jobs. 

On the other hand examples of people who would likely be eligible are: 

i) Someone who is disabled or living with a chronic disease that prevents them from being able to work.

ii) Survivors of domestic abuse who are unable to have a public profile for fear of being found.

iii) Survivors of natural disasters.

To the extent possible we ask that you provide evidence for your material circumstances. The decision to grant or deny a scholarship is always going to be subjective and will depend on many circumstances such as how many people have applied and how severe their circumstances are. If you feel that you do not fall inside the bounds of this scholarship but you are financially constrained and searching for a way to learn to meditate, we encourage you to contact us at to discuss alternate options


Why do you need a scholarship? Please check all that apply.

What evidence can you provide for your current circumstances?